“Put the client first.”

“Listen for need, envision the future.”

“Share expertise.”

Prepare your home

“Restlessly reinvent — our company and ourselves.”

“Dare to create a safer home.”

“Treasure a safe family.”

Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships

“Think. Prepare. Install.”

“Unite to get it done now.”

“Show personal interest.”


Our leadership

“We remain dedicated to leading Florida into an era of safe homes and secure environments; creating neighborhoods that are safer, more energy efficient, more quiet, more comforting.”

—Scott Liles, Owner/Executive Director PBHI

Meet some PBHI'ers

At PBHI, work is more than a job — it’s a calling

Palm Beach Hurricane Impact’s greatest invention is the PBHIer. We believe that progress is made through progressive thinking, progressive leadership, progressive policy and progressive action. For that reason, we manage the brand to be highly esteemed and valued by forward-thinking clients, employees, communities, investors and the general public of Florida.

Internship Program

Coming Soon….

School Credit Offer with PBHI

Employers must assume that most interns come into the workplace with little to no prior experience. Therefore, any filing, copying, phone answering, database sorting, cold calling, pitching, sitting in on meetings, faxing, typing up reports are all acceptable tasks for intern. Internships have a bad reputation of being all about making coffee and running personal errands. Every once in a while, a personal errand or a coffee is necessary to make something in the company run smoothly.


ENERGY STAR-compliant Windows and Doors

Energy star-compliant windows have a mix of high R-values, low U-values, low E coatings, low SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficients), high VT (Visible Transmittance), and AL (Air Leakage). Many of the values assigned by the NFRC are noted on a sticker affixed to each window.

  • R values measure the resistance to heat.
  • U factors measure the amount of heat that is transferred to a material.
  • Low E, which stands for low emissivity, indicates that the window has been treated with a metallic coating that reflects and radiates heat energy.
  • SHGC indicates how well the window transmits solar radiation, as measured on a scale of 0 to 1 (0 means the window is more like a wall that permits no solar energy to enter, 1 means that it lets solar energy in.)
  • VT values are also measured between 0 and 1 and refer to how much sunlight comes through the window.
  • AL notes how much air leakage passes through the cracks in the frame.