Routine maintenance and cleaning

We are often asked, what is the best way to care for hurricane impact windows and doors? We consider is a very important part of good housekeeping. So grab a bucket of warm water, mild soap, a soft cloth as well as a sponge and brush. In this post, we’ll explore how to keep your impact windows and doors clean and working properly.

Keep your impact windows and doors working properly

Very important to remember that in order for your impact windows and impact doors to protect your home properly, it is good advice that the exterior sealants and paint be properly maintained. Hurricane impact windows and doors can be a considerable investment, and proper upkeep is a necessity. A regular inspect and maintenance routine should be in place to ensure that the exterior caulking and paint is in proper condition. Also, joints and fastener screw heads in frames and sills are sealed properly. In addition, the window and door sills should be kept free of debris or dirt. This includes periodically checking weep hole systems to allow free flow of water away from from the structure.

General maintenance guidelines

The surface of most hurricane impact windows and impact doors is an organic paint covering, usually white or bronze color. Before the paint is applied, the window or door frame is chemically treated, cleaned and finally immersed in a protective solution that acts as way for the paint to properly adhere to the aluminum frame surface.

The paint is then sprayed on using a mechanical process while it is moved by conveyor through different operational stops before final completion. The painting process is an extraordinarily efficient way to provide a smooth and even finish on the frame surface.

Cleaning do’s and don’ts

Always clean glass and any painted surfaces with a mild soap and warm water. Apply using a soft clean cloth and rinse with clean water. Its recommended that this clean procedure can be performed every 30-60 days as needed.

Over time, airborne contaminates might cause the painted surface to have a dull appearance. Especially because of proximity to coastal elements. This situation may warrant a cleaning schedule with more frequency. Do not use abrasive cleaners or tools. This might cause damage to the painted finish.

Cleaning hurricane impact door tracks

Unpainted tracks of impact doors need to be swept clean of dirt and debris. The runner of the sliding glass door track needs to be cleaned with a dampened cloth with liquid lubricant. It is not advised to spray lubricant on the track. This technique could lead to the collection of dirt or sand which contributes to roller bearings wearing out.

We recommend a bucket of warm soapy water and a small brush. Using gentle back and forth motions to remove loose dirt or grime. Do not try to remove caulk or sealer from glass or jambs from any impact windows or impact door.

Cleaning screens

Impact window and door screens are best cleaned using a soft bristle brush using a soft gentle cleaning motion. Try not to press hard against the screen mesh. It is advised to use horizontal and vertical motions and avoid circular movements. This will ensure that your screens will last for many years and provide for many years of protecting from insects entering your premises.

Practical conclusions

Now, all of this leads us to two very important points :

  1. If your home is located close to salt water, you really should consider cleaning a necessity. Every 30 days is a good place to start. Taking extra special care to clean the parts of the windows and doors that come in contact with the salt in the air. Prevention of unnecessary corrosion is crucial to the keeping your impact windows and doors operating in their ideal condition.
  2. Letting the sunshine into your home should be one of life’s little pleasures. Looking through dirty windows and seeing smudges and marks will interfere with the view from your home. Time spent with a bucket of soapy water and just a few minutes once a month is all it takes.

Our cleaning partners

In the end, if you are interested in hiring a professional to do the cleaning. Our partners are ready and willing to give you a free quote. Remember, only hire a professional who is licensed and screened by actual customers.

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