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Official Measurements

Upon initiation of a project, our team reviews and measures the existing windows and doors. This Building Area Report will explain key measurements and metrics. It’s important to us that you understand the meaning behind the numbers.

Engineering Calculations

Step-by-step solutions, along with tables, schematics, and calculations are provided to facilitate more accurate solution through all phases of a project, from planning, through construction and completion.

Building Permit

Palm Beach Hurricane Impact will gladly obtain the building permit. Customers are responsible of all permit fees.

Load Transfers

Multiple elements are used to resist and transmit external loads within a house. These elements define the mechanism of load transfer in a building known as the load path.

Egress Requirements

Egress Requirements area 24" by 20 space openings for bedroom windows. Fire code

Signed Permit

For questions concerning construction permit activity on a property, (i.e., application pending, historic, open, pending approval, awaiting payment, closed, etc.,) please contact our PBHI business office Customer Service directly at (561) 935-9777.

Notice of Commencement

Notices of Commencement are required in Florida. Property owners must get them filed. Property owners must get the Notice of Commencement filed with County public records before the start of the job, but after the building permit is pulled.

Schematic Layout

In this step, our architect and project manager determine the project requirements and goals. The architect usually starts with rough study drawings that illustrate the basic concepts of the design.

Product Approval NOA’s

Florida Product Approvals are set by the State for all construction trades. They are products that the State approves for use in all areas of Florida, including the Hurricane Zones.

Wind Load Calculations

High winds can be very destructive because they generate pressure against the surface of a structure. The intensity of this pressure is the wind load.

Removal old windows and doors

The new retro-fit window is designed to fit inside your old window. Our installers will use a different installation method, and a different type of retro-fit window, depending on whether your old windows are metal or wood. Because your new window is fitting inside the frame of your old window, it will need to be slightly smaller than the old window was.

Prepare openings

Masonry openings in houses are frequently not exact and are referred to as rough openings for that reason. When window products are placed into openings, they often need to be shimmed into place to properly fit the opening. When a large amount of shimming is required, 1x or 2x pieces of wood are utilized and are referred to as bucks.

Replace and install wooden bucks

If the window is only fastened to the buck, then the buck needs to be securely fastened to the host structure. According to section 1710.10 of the 2014 Florida Building Code (5th Edition) (similar for the IBC code), “where the wood buck thickness is 1 ½ inches (38 mm) or greater, the buck shall be securely fastened to transfer load to the masonry, concrete or other structural substrate…”.

Replace any damaged sills

A window sill is the bottom portion of the window, and usually, but not always the sill has a lip that overhangs the trim molding and can get damaged during the installation process.

Caulk, concrete, stucco and drywall

Exterior wall coverings, along with the roofing, flashings, windows and doors, are
designed to provide a weather-resistive barrier that separates the interior of the structure
from the elements. Low maintenance and attractive appearance are just two reasons why
hard coat stucco has become so popular over the years.

Clean Area and Remove Debris

Every construction project generates trash - garbage, debris and all types of building material waste - and all this will be continually cleaned-up, hauled off and disposed of.

Final Building Inspection

The building department requires a final inspection before a permit can be closed. The Building authority requires a final inspection before a occupancy permit can be issued.
During the final inspection the building inspector will inspect that the windows and doors are complete and that all items meet code.

Customer Satisfaction Sign-off

Every project needs to end and that’s what project completion is all about in the last phase of the project life cycle. The whole point of the project is to deliver what was promised. By delivering everything we said we would, we make sure that all stakeholders are satisfied and all acceptance criteria have been met. Once that happens, the project can end.

We Obtain the building permit!

Palm Beach Hurricane Impact will gladly obtain the building permit. 

CUSTOMERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL PERMIT FEES. All building permit copies will be provided to account for final balance. We appreciate being able to assist you. No hidden fees or charges for this service.

To keep doors sliding nicely and windows opening properly read: “Routine maintenance and cleaning”

Clean installation!

Our promise to leave your home in better, cleaner shape. 

Perseverance and patience are keys to clean installation and there are many house cleaning and floor cleaning tasks we complete before we call it a day. If you want to get rid of the dust, then you will need to be ready for some serious house cleaning once your construction project is complete.

We only use quality products such as:

  • Air filters
  • HEPA vacuum cleaner
  • broom, mop and dust pan
  • mild soap cleaners safe for home

To keep doors sliding nicely and windows opening properly read: “Routine maintenance and cleaning”